About MAG Motors

An American Classic, redifined

MAG Motors is dedicated to quality craftsmanship, ultra-luxury design and remaining at the cutting edge of technology and creativity. Our unique products are only half of the experience. Extremely personalized customer service and attention is at the forefront of our business model. We make sure our customers have the finest buying and the most rewarding ownership experience here at MAG Motors.

It's not a resto-mod classic.

One of the most iconic designs in history is redefined with state of the art technological innovations and bespoke luxury refinements, creating an unmistakable future classic.

Even the best restored and modified classics do not go far enough. MAG Motors has leaped beyond a simple modified restoration creating a modern functioning work of art.

The MAGStang GT500R is a brand new vehicle based on a factory new Shelby GT500 (current production year unless otherwise required). It will have every feature and piece of technology that the factory model is delivered with but with many custom upgrades. Our process involves over 300 custom made parts, 3D printing and carbon fiber autoclave.

Our vehicles are not factory restored classics or a resto-mod, nor are they simply an original frame and chassis with upgraded components (i.e., power steering or coil over shocks and disk brakes).

While the chassis remains a brand new GT500, it is heavily modified to accept a body of the 1967 Shelby GT500 (other model years and convertible body style are available). From the outside, the vehicle will look the part of the original Shelby with many custom body enhancements. Internally this will be the most technologically advanced classic you have ever driven. It's an innovative class of vehicle unlike any other.


People always ask what inspires our builds and what exactly the MAGStang is. To explain it simply, it’s a “backdate” of a modern Shelby GT500 with our classic inspired widened carbon fiber body. Backdating

refers to bringing a retro design to something new and modern.

The misconception begins with the notion that our vehicles are resto- mods or pro-touring version of the original 67 built on that old oem frame work. What we actually do is the complete opposite. We begin with the new OEM frame work. An actual VINed Shelby GT500 with 50 years of technology and R&D behind it with superior assembly processes as well as materials and metals.


The backdating process begins with the new frame adapted to receive some of the OEM 67 frame components from entirely new stock, including a partial 67 Dash panel and cowl. Proprietary attachment points are welded to attach the new carbon fiber body panels.
The completed welded and seam sealed chassis then begins its reassembly process and new life as a backdated modern chassis.


Modern Tech 

At MAG Motors we produce a brand new vehicle based on a current production year Shelby GT500.

The final production vehicle has all the features and technology the modern factory model is delivered with and adds unique custom options to set our vehicles apart from any classic resto-build available.
The modern chassis with over 50 years of manufacturing design and material improvements that underpins our classic body is tried and tested with modern features that are built to perform and last. 
This makes our production vehicle the most technologically advanced classic ever produced.